The Meaning of Forever

by Joelle Doriani

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A compilation of my folky, original songs revolving around the themes of love and friendship.


released June 13, 2014

Kara Doriani-- copy editor
Special thanks to Laura Dabkowski. I recorded many of these songs in her beautiful home.



all rights reserved


Joelle Doriani Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Joelle is a jazz-influenced Electro Pop artist whose songs swing in subject matter from nervous lovers who just don’t have the courage to break the ice to alien life forms destroying the moon. Her composition skills and and love for all that is unique, quirky, and original give birth to musical concepts that are both interesting and accessible. ... more

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Track Name: The Maple Tree
I can tell
someone's pulling the strings of your heart
and you're faithfully responding
It's plain to me
You're potters clay, a mangled beauty

By the maple tree you'd clear your mind,
You'd wonder whether there's an answer
You'd look up to the sky with hopeful

I can tell
something's trying to pull you down
but your feet are firmly planted
Those honest eyes,
they sometimes speak your strength that's inside

By the maple tree you'd sit and pray,
your faith was stronger than your body
I watched you out the window one summer day
to watch how you slip

Do you know
my love is deeper than I can show
Please promise you won't go
I close my eyes
I see our house, and you're running inside

By the maple tree you left your book
when you were a little girl
You wondered why the stories always looked
better than real life

Soon we'll be
somewhere with peace like the maple tree
I promise, we'll be going
You're halfway there
Just hear the sounds and breathe the air

By the maple tree we'll leave our past
We'll wonder what is there before us
We'll embrace a calm that will always
Track Name: Dreamer
Let's gather up these bones,
Let's build a house and dream a home
where all is right, and we can be together!

But when the cold winds blow against our walls; will they stand or fall? (2x)

Nothing, nothing at all can separate
these gathered bones where I am home
If you're standing here with me!

Summer comes, and we go, as the water flows,
drifting away, forgetting old ways (together!)
Summer comes, and we go, as the water flows, drifting away.

Floating down the river, we are breaking away.
People stare and point, but we just go on our way

"Someone is dying! Someone is crying!" people say
But someone's always dying, and someone's always crying everyday.
Track Name: Morning Smile
By the water we will sit for some time
Rollin’ in the grass and drinking love's wine
I am tied unto the brook, you see it
You are tied up on the rock where you sit

I think this should be our life
Your music plays, we come alive
The flowers turn their little heads
“Turn towards the dawn!” our music says

Oh you look so tired,
Let me see your morning smile
Oh, don’t go to sleep
This is better than your dreams

Wear your heart upon your sleeve, I’ll wear mine
Share your burdens, you know I’ve got the time
I think God has turned his ear to hear this
Does he smile when we sing our pure bliss

In the morning when I see your first smile,
I ask you softly if you’ll stay for a while
Morning passes swiftly and then we start
To build a fire with the love in our hearts.
Track Name: Could You Ever Love a Blind Man
Could you ever love a blind man?
I could if he saw me as I am
Colors bathe the world in beauty
He sees with his ever-reaching hands
His dwindling eyes find love alight
A future for the mind's true flight

Could you ever pick a blind man?
I would if he saw me as I am
Reason warns me of misfortune
This is a despair I understand
With sorrow has my heart lain
Though won't release the cost of claim

Could you ever want a blind man?
I should if he saw me as I am
I can see the world exalting
The love of a pair just holding hands
But treasure grows a plenty
With shared ordeals and empathy

Would you ever love a blind man?
I would when he knows me as I am
Would you ever love a blind man?
I know I would love him as I can
Track Name: The Evergreen (I am the bird)
See how the evergreen
will show me love and teach me peace;
With reaching branches
he’s bold enough to see me

I am a little bird,
afraid of being on my own
Inviting branches
offer me a home
Track Name: The Little Bird (I'm the Evergreen)
I see a little bird,
her vibrant spark has me allured
oh she’s a wanderer,
I wonder what adventures lurk
She wants to settle here,
among my branches, I’ve observed
I’ll offer her a home,
and she will sing me songs I haven’t heard
Track Name: Passing
When Autumn’s early leaves
had fallen, we were there,
felt it in the air,
something in the air

There were no more dandelions
we could find,
for our jar of light,
our childish appetite

We were always looking
for something else;
Found you carving the Lincoln
our names, all spelled out

Would the wind
take our voices very far
If we let them out?
If I let you shout?

But I love the dusty stillness
in the woods
I feel understood
and I know the Lord is good

Not a single day passing
that is incomplete;
Nor a single day passing
without disbelief

All the birds have steady faith
in their wings;
Have we faith in ours?
Do you still have scars?

Can our dreams take us higher
than the stars?
I would leave this town
and finally look around

Not a single day passing
without falling leaves;
Nor a single day passing
without changing me
Track Name: 70's Hosea Song
I could never stop you
from doing what you wanted
and by the way you looked at her...
That night at the music festival,
she was music to your ears

All our favorite people played,
Joni, James, and Paul
and I was mesmerized by it all
But you had your eyes on that girl
I said, "Hey listen it's our song,
Why aren't you singing along?"

You're gonna get your heart
broken to pieces again
This one's another dead end
You're gonna get your head
All in a knot
And I'll be here to sort it out

Every summer's filled with
love and peace and music
and a little bit of heart ache too
That night in Philly I had the blues
It was all because of you
And the buskers' desperate tunes

I'll collect these thoughts in
peaceful solitude
I'll resolve to finally talk to you
You're Israel, you're that prostitute
But I'm still in love with you
Yeah, I'm still in love with you

I'm gonna get my heart
broken to pieces by you
if I keep feeling the way I do
I'm gonna get my head
all in a knot
and you don't know to sort it out
Track Name: I Must Let Go
I'll always carry you along,
so come along, don't let go, no, don't let go.
You remind me of our song
and yesterdays that weren't too long,
They weren't too long

Now everyday, I'm scraping for a smile
My dear, why are you so hostile?
I guess I understand, 'cause love's a dangerous thing
I gave you hope and love then took away everything

My heart was still not whole
You didn't even know
I couldn't love in full
So I just let go
I just let go

My head's upon your chest
But I could never feel at rest
Will I feel at rest?
Catch the wind in a net,
then try to catch my heart,
or see me set,
You'll never see me set

I'm sitting here and waiting for a sign
You're driving me out of my mind
My dear, why don't you walk away
Leave while you can so that I know you'll be ok

Will you please be ok?
Your eyes are very low
I only wish to say
I must let go...
I must let go
Track Name: Treasured
Imagine me now, holding in my arms
Holding your heart closely,
A rhythm next to mine

Will it remain here, tucked inside my arms?
Will I ever have to,
Have to give you up?

If that is so, then I will say goodbye, my love
And I will walk somewhere all by myself
Where all by myself?
Walking till I meet the peace of God
Walking till I meet the peace of God

I know that I will find rest
Comfort in words He has blessed

Imagine our life, after this monsoon
Will we still spend time here,
In your lovely room?
Will you still hang your paintings on the wall
Forming them with love,
and showing each to all

I hope that that does not change
As time passes they age

I don't know the meaning of forever
But I believe you'll aways be a treasure
Even if we're not together,
In my heart, you will be always treasured.